Building Forearms Muscles – The Most Brutal Exercises For Incredible Results

The ultimate building forearms exercises for incredible results

It’s a strange bodybuilding irony that building forearms remains such a low priority for most people, even though large and strong forearms are a universally admired feature.

I believe that the reason for this comes down to peoples lack of understanding around the best exercises for building forearms and a general lack of specific training.

You certainly cannot expect them to grow into the hulking mass of muscle that you desire simply by relying on incidental stimulation whilst training back. Although that is exactly what most people do!

Indeed, forearms must be one of the most undertrained muscle groups of all. Yet, when you are fixed on making a fantastic first impression either in competition or just going about your business, building forearms is a vital key to adding the finishing touches to a well-trained body.

It’s never too late to start, so you would be well advised to start focussing on building forearms using the 3 killer effective exercises detailed here in this article.

Most fitness enthusiasts never really comprehend the importance of building forearms, preferring instead to focus on biceps and triceps. But if you wish to build arms properly, you need to get serious about focusing on forearms baby!

A fully developed set of forearms screams power. The type that looks like they have been constructed from steel crisscrossed with veins like hosepipes and busting with tensile strength. This article will share with you a trio of brutally effective exercises to achieve just that.

building forearms muscles

Why Should I Bother Building Forearms Anyway?

Tensile grip strength is employed during all pulling movements. These include Dumbbell and Barbell Rows, Lat Pulldowns and Chin Ups. In all of these exercises, grip strength is usually always the first thing that fails you.

If your grip goes first then you are going to unable to build shoulders or back to anything near their full capacity.

By building forearms you will consequently experience far greater muscular development in your Traps and Back as well as increased all-around grip strength.

What’s Stopping You Building Forearms To Be Proud Of?

The initial thing you need to do is learn how to build forearms in the best way possible. The majority of bodybuilders rarely train them at all, and the few people that do tend to, implement rigid sets of Barbell Wrist Curls.

Totally uninspiring and most often only thrown in as a final exercise at the end of their conventional arms workout. I’m focussed on detailing why that’s a serious case of stinking thinking.

In order to get building forearms of any significant size, you need to give them the seriousness they require, attacking them with intense and a wide range of exercises and angles. The other factor, of course, is ensuring an adequate amount of anabolic foods and healthy pre and post workout meals.

Building Forearms With Three Killer Exercises

Reverse Curls

Grasp the Bar with an overhand grip and Curl back up towards your chin so that your palms end up facing away from your body. This is the most unsung, unused but most incredibly effective forearm exercise ever invented. Its a killer to perform, but it works absolute wonders.


Employ strict form at all costs at all times to prevent injury. For the purpose of this article keep your back straight at all times and grab the bar as firmly as possible in order to properly stress the Forearms. A fantastic mass and strength builder.

Farmers Walk

If you’ve ever seen the worlds strongest man you will have witnessed this exercise. Simply grab the two heaviest Dumbbells of which you are capable and then stride across the gym with your Arms close to your sides. You’re sure to get some funny looks, but you will certainly get the last laugh when your Forearms are the size of breeze blocks!

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Building Forearms Muscles - The Most Brutal Exercises For Incredible Results
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