Bodyweight Exercises for Everyone

Bodyweight exercises have always been popular. And, they are good all around exercises that help strengthen your muscles and keep you fit.

And, you don’t need a gym or a lot of expensive exercise equipment to perform bodyweight exercises.

Major Bodyweight Exercises

As the term implies, bodyweight exercises use your body’s weight to provide stress to your muscles as you perform certain movements.

This stress helps cause the micro-tears in your muscles that you want during a muscle building exercise.

Then, during the recovery period of one or more days, your muscles are repaired and strengthened. This is how you gain muscle mass anytime you exercise.

Push Up

Practically everyone has done some push-ups. If you have been to high school your gym instructor has made you do some push-ups.

There are several varieties of push up that will help stress different muscles.

You can even set your knees on the floor to make the push up easier or elevate your feet to make the push up more difficult.

The push up is a great exercise.

Pull Up

The pull up is another great exercise for your arms, back, and chest. Again, there are many variations of the pull up that particularly stress different muscles.

You don’t need much to perform the pull up except a sturdy horizontal bar. Often a thick dowel sent in some wedges in a doorway is all it takes for a great pull up workout.

The position of your hands on the bar helps determine the muscles that are most stressed. The wider your hands the more your lats are stressed. Shoulder width grips will produce the most stress on your arms.


Squats can be done with your body’s own weight. Or with the added weight of a barbell resting on your shoulders.

Squats help strengthen your leg muscles as well as giving you a great cardiovascular workout.

Bodyweight Exercising With Equipment

If you really want to perform bodyweight exercising, you will probably want to get a stow-away piece of equipment like the Total Gym or a VigorFit gym.

total gym vigor fit

These “home gyms” can easily be used at home and can fit under a bed or stand up in a closet. Not that you will want to keep them hidden in a closet. You will use them almost every day.

By various adjustments, you can vary the stress during any exercise so it’s always just right for you. The VigorFit, pictured here, boasts that you can perform “107 gym-quality exercises.”

Unlike the Total Gym, the VigorFit comes with all the attachments you need for a complete workout. With the Total Gym, many of the attachments cost extra.

A complete bodyweight workout at home is easy and convenient. If you don’t want to go to the gym or pay the annual fees, a bodyweight home gym may be a good alternative.

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Bodyweight Exercises for Everyone
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